Wedding Cakes

slideshow-PINK-FLOWERYour wedding cake is an essential and sentimental part of your wedding… a prominent focal item in your wedding’s reception. After the dress, the cake is next on the “must have” list and it can be a passionate endeavor during the planning process. It requires your time, attention, thought process and financial crunch… in your effort to capture a specific vision, blend of theme, romance and personality.

Why not capture it in a customized painting that you can have as a permanent part of your ongoing memories of that special day?

  • Is a friend or special member of your family getting married? Perhaps you would prefer to think outside the box and steer away from the “traditional” gift registry! Make this a creative, unique surprise, and commission a one of a kind gift that will bring joy and appreciation to that special couple. The “thank you” note you later receive will be written from a special place in their hearts.
  • Is it your anniversary and you have no idea what to do for your husband, wife or significant other? This unique keepsake will certainly bring you an unlimited time of new found appreciation and rekindled romance, not to mention a fun conversation piece for you and your friends.
  • Do you have an old photograph of the Wedding Cake belonging to your mother, grandmother, special aunt, or an important friend of the family? Restoring and resurrecting a precious part of their history that involved their wedding and love of a lifetime will be heartfelt and treasured.slideshow-white-petals-small