Decadent Party Package

Decadent Party Package!  “We come to you” for Girls Night In, Family Parties, Couples Parties, and Business Events

You don’t have to leave your home after a rough day/week.  Stay home and relax and let us bring some SMASH fun for you!  We bring it all and take all away, except for your own Smash Canvas that you keep for yourself as your own piece of 3-Dimensional ART.  One on One help using similar techniques used by cake decorators… but, without the cake and replaced with a canvas.  We will make beautiful 3-Deminsional flowers, loops, buttons, your wedding dress…anything wedding inspired, birthday inspired… or just personally inspired! 

Package Details:

We will provide all the supplies (8×10 pre-primed ready to display canvas, acrylic paints, air-dry clay, tools, gloves, aprons, etc.)  No limit to your size group…we can handle any size from 1 to ….?

Costs:  $35.00 per person

Costs cover a four (4) hour painting/sculpting party.

Metro Atlanta and closely related surrounding areas only (for now!);  Mileage applicable for greater destinations @ $.75 cents per mile round trip.