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Wedding Cake PaintingsWedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is an essential and sentimental part of your wedding… a prominent focal item in your wedding’s reception. After the dress, the cake is next on the “must have” list and it can be a passionate endeavor during the planning process. It requires your time, attention, thought process and financial crunch… in your effort to capture a specific vision, blend of theme, romance and personality.

Why not capture it in a customized painting that you can have as a permanent part of your ongoing memories of that special day?

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Birthdays, Milestones, Special Occasion Cakes

Birthdays, milestones, and special occasion celebration cakes can be personal for each individual, friend or family. Consider the following as possible milestone birthdays… ages: 1, 5, 10, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50… and so on! Perhaps there is a special event…an “Anniversary,” a “Welcome Home,” “Going Away,” “Good Luck,” or “Holiday” celebration being planned… or already took place!

Commission a specialty painting that you can present as a special, one of a kind, unique gift to the individual that you hold dear in your heart.

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flowersDecandant Party Package!  “We come to you” for Girls Night, Family, Couples, Business, Kids Parties, too (but, without the Wine and Champagne… for the kids, anyway! :)

You don’t have to leave your home after a rough day/week.  Stay home and relax and let us bring some SMASH fun for you!  We bring it all and take all away, except for your own Smash Canvas that you keep for yourself as your own piece of 3-Dimensional ART.  One on One help using similar techniques used by cake decorators… but, without the cake and replaced with a canvas.  We will make beautiful 3-Deminsional flowers, loops, buttons, your wedding dress…anything wedding inspired, birthday inspired… or just personally inspired! 

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