Meet the Owner/Artist

Tracey Lee Braun

“If you don’t do what you love, you will exhaust yourself and your life, hanging on by each breath as a hitch that attaches you to an unfulfilled dream.”


One Saturday I was sitting out on a shaded patio painting with my girlfriends with easels and painting supplies grouped in creative togetherness. Our mission, and yes we chose to accept it, was to find our artistic selves. In all actuality, our mission pretty much went up in smoke immediately and our quest became, “drink some wine, have some fun, and talk some smack!”

There we are drinking wine, having fun and talking smack (mostly drinking wine), and I wondered what I should paint on the blank canvas sitting in front of me.  I took another sip and thought, “I’ll paint a wedding cake.” I had baked, designed and delivered wedding cakes in my past and loved the design and decorating process; equally, I very much missed the wedding industry and overall thrill of the wedding experience (that I gave up for Corporate America, just saying!). So, I painted a wedding cake and I had an epiphany. It was one of those, “well hello!” type moments.  The first painted cake, however, looked pretty terrible!! ::laughing::

smashed-cakeAfter many months of tweaking traditional cake decorating techniques and practices from eatable to non-eatable options, we then “smashed” them (gently and with love) onto a canvas to recreate a whimsical version of the celebrated cake. Happily and with excitement and enthusiasm…Smash Cake Canvas Co. was a reality.

SCCCo. is a new concept that takes your wedding cake or special occasion cake and smashes it onto a canvas that can be used as a fun and quirky artistic keepsake of the wedding or special event cake. It makes for a unique and special gift, as well! Call us and commission your SCCCo. canvas today!